The landscape for Michigan first-time homebuyers has changed dramatically.

  • College graduates carry more student loan debt

  • Down payment requirements are more expensive and complex — but no less important

Michigan needs First-Time Homebuyer Savings Accounts – a savings tool to support Michigan homeownership.

Senate Bills 120 and 121 would create a smart savings vehicle to help Michigan grow by:

  • Encouraging homeownership in Michigan

  • Providing an incentivized savings tool to retain Michigan’s talent

  • Promoting financial literacy in the homebuying process, focusing on the importance of saving for and investing in a home

  • Providing more long-term stability to Michigan’s real estate industry through an increase in new construction and home sales

Help preserve Michigan homeownership – support passage of Senate Bills 120 and 121, a bipartisan effort to create the Michigan First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account.


Supporting Our Local Economy and Private Property Rights

Support private property rights and our vacation rental tradition

Michigan Realtors® believe that vacation rentals and the strength of the second-home market are essential to the health of Michigan’s economy. Our state has been a vacation and tourism destination for decades. The short-term rental of a fully furnished vacation home is a valued option for Michigan vacationers.

Passage of House Bill 4046 will:

  • Ensure that Michigan homeowners can maximize their property value by using short-term rental arrangements

  • Provide clarity about and protection for a practice that has long been permitted and is essential to the viability of local resort economies

  • Support local control with fair regulation and enforcement of existing nuisance controls

Support our local economy and independent business owners with your support of House Bills 4540-4543

This legislation will require online and out-of-state retailers that sell goods in the state of Michigan to collect and remit a 6% sales tax.

  • House Bills 4540-4543 would apply to all retailers, whether they have a physical presence in Michigan.

  • The state estimates that with the implementation of this bill package, the sales and use tax revenue will increase by $168 million in 2019, $225 million in 2020, and $240 million in 2021.

  • This legislation will “level the playing field” between large online retailers and small in-state businesses.

Please support House Bills 4540-4543 and our local economy.